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I would like to protest against the proposed Kinder Morgan Palmetto Pipeline. The new pipeline would move refined petroleum products from Belton to North Augusta, SC, across the Savannah River, through fragile areas of South Carolina including our cypress swamps and blackwater creeks, then down Coastal Georgia to Jacksonville, FL. The Palmetto Pipeline project will bring economic and environmental destruction to South Carolina private property, businesses, flora and fauna.

Kinder Morgan is a private company which is pursuing the use of eminent domain to seize private property from landowners in the pipeline’s path. All land, homes and businesses anywhere near the pipeline will see property values drop, while they continue to owe property taxes on useless land in perpetuity.

There is currently NO legislation in place that would protect South Carolina residents from such an egregious abuse of eminent domain as this project. No permitting process is in place that would, as occurred in Georgia, require a company to prove without doubt that the project would be a public benefit to the state and its citizens.

Because the proposed pipeline would be buried 4 feet underground, any leaking, rusting or shifting would not be visible. Spills, which are almost guaranteed to occur, would risk contamination of our soil, our wetlands, wilderness refuges and national parks, and the Floridan aquifer—our source of drinking water.

The very name, “Palmetto” Pipeline, a word cherished by our state, is an insult to the land, resources, people and heritage put at risk by its construction. Kinder Morgan does not care about South Carolina or the six counties the Palmetto Pipeline would cross; it only cares about shipping their gas from Louisiana through our backyard to Jacksonville, FL where prices are higher.

I implore Governor Haley and government agencies involved with the Palmetto Pipeline to abandon this reckless project. I implore South Carolina legislators to put safeguards in place to protect property owners from eminent domain abuse before the end of this legislative session, before it’s too late.

Palmetto Pipeline is bad for South Carolina!

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